Acoustic EP

by Little World

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Demo acoustics. Full band recordings out soon.


released November 29, 2012

Recored at Kool Aide Studios. Lyrics by JD Delnevo.
Little World is
Jaime "Joby" Bautista ,
JD Delnevo,
Aaron Masih,
Chris Sanchez



all rights reserved


Little World New Hyde Park, New York

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Track Name: Roots
Paint the words on your chest,
I'm done calling combinations.
There's no heat closing in,
and I have friends who can't stay where they live.

What are my flaws,
less of yours than mine.
I found you before,
the storms took your eyes.
Thinking I,
could give you a try.

There's a boardwalk floating in her room,
and all her neighbors too.

The last thing I see in them,
is a spirits deceiving.

And I wanna feel your bones shake,
when I touch your hand.
This is gratitude,
in a welcoming smile.
Because I know it's you.
Track Name: Memoriety
We are passionate,
And curious.
Of the cold summer air.
In it's last attempt.
To break through eyes,
found in comparisons.

I've fought a battle or two,
Got some bruises for you,
I'm almost one year older.
Looking back I guess I'm,
moving forward.

When Summer Falls
to September.
I'm hoping you remember,
I'm hoping you remember.
When We saw the sky fall down
And crash to the earth.
And crash to the earth.

It's here we go now,
Here we go now,
Here we go.
what did we learn?
What did we learn?

My mother told me to stand tall, to stand tall.
Or else we'll lose every good memory.
Track Name: Landing
Is this what we call reality,
Or is this just.
Take the blues and reds and go,
Down the hole.
Ask your mom.
If you can please grow.

If you can grow.
If you can grow old.
If you can grow.

I am tired,
I just wanna sleep.
But I'm fucked up.
About to pass out
in my front seat.
I am tired,
And I just wanna,
I never thought.
I'd be here this morning.

Tuck me in.
Tell me everything will be ok.
Raised well.
Who needs a father anyway.
Track Name: On The Sidelines
You race the hands on your own wrist.
We scream our names at are own risk.
Can't pretend I can even tell the difference,
Between your face and your voice.

Don't leave yourself asking what if.
Not agreeing on sight is our constant distant.
I hear echoes down my home stretch.
Regrets apparently
are what I'm left with.

It's the same dream,
over and over again.
I didn't walk you up the steps.
To let you in.
I drove away,
And didn't choose my words right.

Later on ill hear about your boyfriend,
...or whatever you might call him.

I'm living life on the sidelines.
I'm living life on the sidelines.
My mother wishes these girls well.
Cause she knows one day I'll bring em' hell.
I'm living life on the sidelines

Push the sun,
out of the clouds.
breath the air between the rain.
It falls harder than me,
After I see a pretty face.

We're scaring locals
with my bright lights,
windows down
signings songs we've known for life.
We've known for life.

Tell me now tell me are you worth it,
Tell me now tell me how do I deserve this.
Tell me now tell me are you worth it,
Tell me now tell me how do I deserve this.